Searching for private piano lessons and home piano teachers for adults or children in Singapore?

Like you, we were once students (some learnt while children, some while adult) looking for private piano lessons. We were all hyped up and eager towards playing our favorite pop songs or pass the ABRSM music graded exams in Singapore with flying colours!

However, we recognized that finding a good piano teacher is hard.. physical school schools are either too fast or too slow for your or your child and when it comes to private music teachers, everyone toots their own horns.

Online advertisements are biased, so where do you go?

Nearly all advertisements on Singapore online forums are biased because no teacher will say that they are bad. They also will not write their own bad reviews or stop working. As such, many horror stories of terrible and irresponsible music teachers in Singapore who will cancel lessons at the last minute or shout at students pop up everywhere – they are simply not committed and patient!

Finding the right tutor is difficult

We are sure you will agree with us – looking for the right music teacher for your piano lessons in Singapore can be frustrating and time wasting.

You will need a qualified and highly experienced music teacher to coach you. You can eliminate potential problems by having a reliable, dedicated, and professional private home piano teacher right from the start, making your piano lessons a pleasant experience.

That’s why we are here – to provide you with that ideal music teacher, quickly and FREE-of-charge.

As an agency, we have no incentive to recommend you a lousy teacher. If a teacher consistently gets bad reviews, we kick him or her out of the system, ensuring that no students will bump into such teachers. We only keep the best piano tutors in Singapore with us at SG Learn Piano.

Just let us know the type of teacher, location and lessons you want – and we will automatically get you your perfect teacher at FREE cost and in no time at all!

Our services to help you find the ideal tutor in Singapore is always at a FREE cost. We welcome both adults and children learners.

The Best Private Home Piano Teachers In Singapore

Our network of ABRSM and Trinity College accredited and experienced private home music teachers is spread across Singapore allowing you to have a lesson at or near your home with our teachers. Friendly and dedicated, they will teach you everything you need to know and customize the piano lessons for every individual. Flexibility is the greatest benefit that a private teacher can provide you over any schools.

Casual or formal lessons available for you!

Both casual piano lessons to adults and kids as well as the exam based (ABRSM graded examinations) piano lessons to the serious learner are available with SG Learn Piano.

the best home piano teachers providing private piano lessons in Singapore

When you register with us, you receive the following lifetime services:

1. We will find and allocate the most suitable Singapore piano teacher to you, according to your requirements for you or your kids’ lessons.

2. In the unlikely event you find the tutor unsuitable, we will re-analyze and match you up with another teacher in the quickest possible time at NO extra cost. Our services are always FREE.

3. We were once music students who understand the needs of fellow students, and we understand the importance of getting a responsible and patient teacher. You do not just want a tutor who is highly qualified. You also want a teacher who is able to impart knowledge to you or your child effectively. Thus, we only work with such qualified and experienced music educators.

Suitable for both adults and children

Whether you are an adult looking for piano lessons in Singapore or a concerned parent looking for the best private piano teacher in Singapore for your kid(s), we will find that perfect tutor for you. Both children and adult students are welcome to enroll in classes.

Get your first piano lesson in Singapore today.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Are your piano teachers properly certified with the relevant music accreditations?

Yes, as mentioned above, all teachers are either Grade 8 ABRSM or the equivalent by Trinity. Some of our teachers also have Diploma and / or degrees. We thoroughly check every teachers’ qualifications during their application process.

Most of our teachers have between 3 to 8 years of teaching experience. Some of them also are or were music school teachers.

2. What is the benefit of going through an agency like yours versus searching for a teacher myself?

Some people may know a piano tutor themselves. However, most students and parents in Singapore do not know of any good tutors themselves. Such students or parents usually benefit the most if they go through an agency like ours.

When it comes to an agency, we have a relatively large list of available and suitable tutors at any given moment in Singapore. If a teacher gets bad reviews, we kick them out. We have absolutely no incentive to recommend you a lousy reviewed teacher – because we can refer another great and better reviewed teacher to you or your child. Individual teachers may see an incentive in lying to potential students by over inflating their achievements and/or teaching abilities because they make no money when they do not become your teacher.

However, for us, providing you with good recommendations also serve us better for our reputation. We have no bias towards any teacher – only towards those with great reviews by students or their parents!

You also need not pay us extra nor anything at all!

Also, you pay the exact same fee even if you search for the tutors themselves directly. We do not charge students a single dollar. There are no upsells, no commission charges, and you will get the exact same rate versus if you found the same teacher yourself. Our services are always free for students.

3. So, what is the average music classes’ price in SG?

Piano Grade – Duration – Prices and Fees
Beginners – 45 mins – $130 to $160
One – 45 mins – $140 to $170
Two – 45 mins – $150 to $180
Three – 45 mins – $160 to $190
Four – 45 mins – $170 to $200
Five – 60 mins – $190 to $240 (Notice there is a jump from 45 minute lessons to 60 minute lessons here)
Six – 60 mins – $200 to $260
Seven – 60 mins – $220 to $280
Eight – 60 mins – $240 to $330
Diploma – 60 mins – $280 to $400

* Above table prices last updated: 18th September 2019
* As you can tell from the above table, grade 1 prices for students in Singapore are generally around $130 to $170 for 4 lessons a month, and increases up till around $280 to $330 a month for four grade 8 music classes. You may also notice that the lesson duration for beginners up to grade 4 ABRSM piano lessons are 45 minutes in length, while that jumps up to 60 minutes for higher grades.

4. What are the factors affecting price?

There are multiple factors, and here are some of them:

a) The PURPOSE of the lessons (for exams or casual lessons) – Lesson fees in Singapore are dependent on whether the student wants to take casual lessons and learn casually or take intensive piano lessons for the purpose of passing the ABRSM graded piano examinations.

b) GRADE you or your child is taking – When it comes to music classes for the piano ABRSM examinations in Singapore, the rates will also differ and increase over the years based on the grade you are taking now because of inflation.

c) AGE of the student – Adult lessons may be more expensive (depending on the teacher) because most adults only take a few lessons or only want to learn a few songs for a personal reason. Children tend to learn piano over the long term and so more favourable rates are provided for children lessons generally speaking.

d) PLACE of lesson – Most parents having the teacher come over to their place to teach their child lessons. However, there are some parents who prefer the child to go to the teacher’s home studio. Those who require the teacher to travel to their place usually need to pay more by approximately $10 to $30 a month. (However, the range still usually falls within the price ranges stated in the table below)

e) Whether the teacher is a PART TIME or FULL TIME teacher – If the teacher is full time, they are usually more experienced and thus will charge more. Likewise, if the teacher only teaches music lessons part time, then usually they tend to charge less due to less experience.

f) QUALIFICATIONS of the tutor – Teachers with higher qualifications usually tend to charge more. For instance, if teacher A has a Diploma certificate or perhaps even Masters, then he/she will usually charge more than teacher B who has only Grade 8. This is not always the case but usually the case.

g) LENGTH of teaching career – Those who have been in the industry and actively providing piano lessons have more experience, and so their rates and prices per lesson are usually commensurate with their experience. Or in this case, length of their teaching career.

5. Do your tutors only teach students who want to go through the ABRSM examinations or do they also teach casual lessons?

We have teachers who do both, and we also have some who specialize only in helping students to ace their ABRSM music examinations in Singapore. It is important that you let us know the requirements that you or your child have.

6. Alright! I am interested. How do I or my child meet a local teacher for lessons?

Send your name and contact number through our simple and secure contact form above. We will be contacting you shortly! Please look out for your WhatsApp as we will ask you for some basic student information so that we can match you up with the most suited piano teacher for you or your child.

Contact us today!