How Much Do Private Piano Lessons Cost In Singapore – Price

First of all, congratulations on deciding to become a pianist or having your child be a pianist!

So, how much do private home piano lessons cost in Singapore?

When it comes to piano lesson prices and rates in Singapore, it can vary a fair bit. There are 3 reasons:

  1. The PURPOSE of the lessons (for exams or casual lessons)– Lesson fees in Singapore are dependent on whether the student wants to take casual lessons and learn casually or take intensive piano lessons for the purpose of passing the ABRSM graded piano examinations.
  2. GRADE you or your child is taking – When it comes to music classes for the piano ABRSM examinations in Singapore, the rates will also differ and increase over the years based on the grade you are taking now because of inflation.
  3. AGE of the student – Adult lessons may be more expensive (depending on the teacher) because most adults only take a few lessons or only want to learn a few songs for a personal reason. Children tend to learn piano over the long term and so more favourable rates are provided for children lessons generally speaking.

Here is a quick look at the prices of piano lessons in Singapore in table format so it is easier for you:

Piano Grade – Duration – Prices and Fees
Beginners – 45 mins – $130 to $160
One – 45 mins – $140 to $170
Two – 45 mins – $150 to $180
Three – 45 mins – $160 to $190
Four – 45 mins – $170 to $200
Five – 60 mins – $190 to $240 (Notice there is a jump from 45 minute lessons to 60 minute lessons here)
Six – 60 mins – $200 to $260
Seven – 60 mins – $220 to $280
Eight – 60 mins – $240 to $330
Diploma – 60 mins – $280 to $400

* Above table prices last updated: 21st April 2019
* As you can tell from the above table, grade 1 prices for students in Singapore are generally around $130 to $170 for 4 lessons a month, and increases up till around $280 to $330 a month for four grade 8 music classes.
* You may also notice that the lesson duration for beginners up to grade 4 ABRSM piano lessons are 45 minutes in length, while that jumps up to 60 minutes for higher grades.

The rates vary but are generally speaking within those ranges because of the above 3 reasons as mentioned earlier.

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Are you looking for a more regimental or more relaxed learning style?

At our agency, we have teachers who specialize in ABRSM exams, and they follow a proven system with strong regimentation to help students get through the ABRSM exams easily.

We also have music teachers who specialize in helping students who want to master pop songs, and simply share the love of piano and music with the rest of the world. These are much more relaxed, and malleable in nature to suit casual piano students in Singapore.

It all really depends on what you want or need.

Taking piano lessons in Singapore has lots of benefits.

  • First of all, classes are relatively cheap in Singapore versus Western countries which may charge an excessive amount due to the higher labour rates.
  • Second of all, learning the piano can improve a person’s IQ which is great for academic performance. Your child may do better in certain subjects as a result of learning a musical instrument such as the piano.
  • Third of all, in Singapore, learning to play the piano makes you or your child appear more cultured and sophisticated.

Hint: If you are considering between private and school lessons, remember that private lessons are much cheaper than that of school classes, while being of similar or even higher quality! The only reasons for far cheaper rates is because private teachers have no rental overheads to cover, and so no need to charge students for that.

If you are looking for a private HOME piano tutor in Singapore for yourself or your child today, feel free to submit your enquiry here:

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    My Daughter is currently at Cristofori in grade 1 and I’m looking to change her school as we find it too slow. As mentioned in the description, I would like my kid to learn piano in a more casual manner instead of a curriculum based learning. Please advise if the above requirement is available. If so also plz advise on the rates for the lessons.

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