What Is The Best Age To Learn The Piano In Singapore?

A lot of potential music students ask us this question, “Am I ready to learn the piano? Should I learn it now? Or did I miss my chance already when I was a kid?”

The answer is Рthere are really only two ages in which you should start learning the piano. Surprise! I did not give the clich̩ answer that the best age is any age. That is because the truth is, not all ages are suitable to learn the piano instrument in Singapore.

The first age that is ideal for a potential music student to learn the piano is when he or she is still schooling.

This is because when a child is still schooling in Singapore, he or she usually does not have any financial responsibilities now and is only responsible for scoring well in his or her school examinations. Playing the piano and taking piano lessons require hefty financial investments in both the teacher and the piano. Therefore, it is more relaxed for a child to learn the piano since all he or she needs to do is to learn, and no need to worry about the financial end. Also, playing the piano is correlated to improved IQs, therefore, this means your child can potentially score better in his or her school!

The second age that is ideal is when you are financially stable.

This age varies from person to person, as some people make a lot more money or have lots of assets pumping out cash flow for them at younger ages, while others only at older ages. However, it is great to learn the piano and take music lessons when you are financially stable. While it is great in theory to pursue your passion, this is an economical world run by money. Therefore, you also want to make sure that your finances are firm and stable before investing in learning the music instrument.