Can Being A Pianist Give You An Edge To Enter Universities?

Is it easier to enter a local Singapore university if you are a pianist?

As the title goes, will learning how to play the piano and being professionally accredited for it by ABRSM give you an advantage in university applications? This is definitely a question that many Singaporean parents will be very interested to know the answer to, especially considering how much focus Singaporean employers put on the academic achievements.

Did you know some companies may hire people with less academic qualifications in other neighboring countries, but these same companies only hire people with high academic qualifications for the exact same job if it were in Singapore? Entering a university and coming out with a great degree is still very important as of the date of writing this article in 2018 in Singapore.

So let us first look at how universities decide on which applicants to accept, and which applicants to reject.

All top universities pay very close attention to university ranking tables. Universities all want to be ranked highly so that they can charge higher fees for their school programs, and still have increased demand due to increased prestige of being able to graduate from there. This means that the colleges have an incentive to manipulate the application shortlisting process so as to improve their university ranking.

Did you know that while A level results alone takes up an extremely large criteria of deciding whether you or your child can enter college, there are factors other than that? If you are perplexed by this, let us look at a truly simple example. If 10,000 applicants applied for the same course, and 1000 of them have the exact same A level score, and there is only 900 spaces for the school, how is the school supposed to weed out the remaining 100 people who cannot enter? It certainly is not by luck, and additionally, some universities in Singapore do not even have an interview process, so there is definitely an extra factor right here.

In such cases, students with extra qualifications such as piano qualifications were offered places. This is especially true if the applicant had performed at a professional setting before on top of being formally ABRSM certified. This will definitely help the applicant to enter the university much easier. If you are an exceptional sports man, it definitely helps too, however, it is definitely much harder to become an exceptional sports athlete, as it requires talent. However, with the piano, hard work alone can help you become a very good pianist.

Also, if you are a great pianist with professional credentials, which can be quite common in local Singapore JCs, you may even be able to enter a local Singapore university even if you miss the academic A level cut slightly.

Because of this, you should definitely enroll your child or yourself into university; of course other than the many research results which showed that piano lessons will also improve a child’s school results! This is especially the case if the learner is young as room for development is much stronger and greater. There is no excuse not to learn the piano if you and your child are living in Singapore!