Should You Be A Private Piano Teacher? Full Pros & Cons

If you are considering becoming a private piano teacher in Singapore, then read on for an indepth analysis of this potential career choice you want to make.

Criteria you should consider before becoming a home piano tutor

As a Singaporean, you are probably worried about the following things being a teacher providing piano lessons in SG:
– Job security
– Starting income
– Income growth/potential
– Number of working hours
– Flexibility of location

I will provide an indepth explanation about each and every single one of the above important factors.

Job security?

First of all, job security – the number one thought on many Singaporean minds. As a private piano teacher, you are actually self employed. You may work with an agency like ours, but at the end of the day, you are never someone else’s employee, and you are self employed. This means that you do not even have an ‘official’ job in the first place as you do not have a boss. You get clients through agencies such as SGLEARNPIANO.COM and you are then self employed as your own full time or part time piano teacher job. As a result of this, you can never be fired. As long as you continue working with an agency that keeps providing you with students, and work hard to provide students a great learning experience, you will never go hungry ever. Nobody will be able to fire you, even if they wanted to! How awesome is that?

Starting income

Second of all, let us talk about starting income. This is one of the main bad things about being self employed. Starting income always starts from $0 until you can get at least one customer. Therefore, it is crucial that if you are planning to step into this route of becoming a private piano teacher in Singapore, that you start joining an agency and start getting students before you even graduate from whatever school or Polytechnic you are currently studying at. Do NOT start after you have graduated. The stress that Singaporean parents will place on children for not finding a job right after graduation is insane. You will give in to it sooner or later and give up on your dreams of becoming a private piano teacher forever. Don’t let others rob your dream. Start WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN SCHOOL – this is the best way to already generate $2000 to $3000 per month right upon graduation. This way, you are at least on par with your other school mates but you are self employed and do not need to report to a stupid office!

Salary potential

Third of all, let us discuss about income potential and income growth for a private piano teacher in Singapore. Unless you specialize in a home studio, most private music teachers in Singapore travel to their student’s home. As traveling takes time, you need to account for more than necessary time required to remain safe and be punctual for your students’ lessons. Try to pick students who are close to where you live for maximum productivity.

As most lessons in Singapore is a maximum of one hour in length, and traveling is approximately half an hour, each student will take up one and a half hour of time per day. This means you will be able to teach 6 students a day if you were to work 9 hours a day.

An average student who learns once a week pays you around $130 to $300 a month, making it an average of around $200 a month. Multiplying 7 days in a week by 6 students a day, that is a total of 42 students.

This means that you can make up to a whopping $8400 a month!!! This is over $100,000 a year in CASH. As a self employed person (at least as of the date of this article), you only need to contribute to Medisave portion of the CPF. As taxes in Singapore is relatively low, you can take back around $85.000 to $95,000 a year! You make more money than almost all accountants, doctors, engineers and lawyers!

Here is a deeper look into how much salary you can make as a self employed private piano teacher in Singapore.

Working hours

Next of all, let us talk slightly more about working hours which was already briefly mentioned in the above paragraph. Working hours are entirely decided by you. Of course, if you are driven, single and ambitious, then you can pick up around 6 students a day, for 7 days a week to bring home a whopping 6 figures income and impress all your friends and family members who looked down on you when you first embarked on this journey. Wait till they see your car which they cannot afford 😉

However, as you are essentially self employed, you can choose to work only part time and have perhaps one to three students a day while working a full time job. The possibilities are endless, as you are self employed, and each student takes up only one hour of your time while providing you with an endless stream of income! You are paid an average of nearly $50 per hour teaching private piano lessons in Singapore.

Working location

Finally, let us discuss about the flexibility of working/’office’ location. As a private music teacher, you will be able to decide where you want to teach – in your own home or at the student’s home. In fact, if you work with an agency, you can even decide if you only want to teach students near to your home, so that reschedules and traveling will not affect you as much as if the student’s home was really far from your place. This makes teaching and your career a breeze.