How Piano Lessons May Improve Your Child’s Academic Results

Having your child go for piano lessons has benefits far beyond that of just being able to play the music instrument. Taking piano lessons and mastery of the piano has been linked to improvement in the amount of grey matter in a person’s brain. And, the more grey matter a child has in his mind, the more likely it is that the person has a greater IQ.

Do you know what important implication this means for parents in Singapore? Instead of being a typical kiasu parent that sends their children to 20 different tuition classes, just send him or her to tuition classes for his or her 1 to 2 weaker subjects, and then send him or her to piano lessons instead!

Remember, if your child is good at math as a result of you sending him or her to regular math tuition, it does not mean that your child will be good at other subjects. This also does not mean that your child will be smarter, he or she will at most become book smart!

However, if you send your children for piano classes, what happens is that your child will potentially become smarter – and many studies have shown high correlation between piano students and smarter students. If your child is smarter, not only will he or she perform better in most subjects in school, he or she will also perform very well in future as well regardless of his or her career path! This is because being smart is always a good thing, no matter what your child wants to be in future.

Sending your child for piano lessons in Singapore is always a good choice if you want your child’s academic performance to improve, and his or her future career to be great!

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